Applied Africology in the Age of Technology

Africology is an interdisciplinary academic discipline that studies the history and culture of African people around the world. -Wikipedia

In Applied Africology, rather than trying to solve a problem as it would be in a different context, we explore the given problem within its African context and may re-interpret or restructure it in order to suggest a relevant path to a solution.

Valerio Lopes has given multiple speeches and presentations on this unique approach.

“Applied Africology has allowed us to develop products that respect African cultural values.” ~Valerio Lopes

These are practical examples of products and services developed using this unique methodology.

  • The Djambé, digital percussion instrument
  • Sustainable African Cups made of recycled coffee grounds and a combination of natural resins
  • a online platform with African Design tools
  • AAIVA: the first steps towards a African Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant created with gpt3 technology

The Djambé Speaker