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When books tell their own story...

On inspiration

In movement

Sometimes we prefere to stay motionless, afraid of coliding with others and being unable to avoid failure...

The Ultimate Regret

When He arrived they were already waiting for him. No doubt, it was the final journey, painless but live changing.
But could He say live changing since He was now dead? He just experienced the awakening that He was seeking during the last quarter of his life.

Cabralista; best documentary at CVIFF

Cabralista - Addendum - the eBook

On Cabralista

Cabralista is my latest project, a documentary trilogy with numerous sequels, an interactive eBook and an evolving website, all this work will be released over the next 3 years, starting with the first episode of the documentary "Cabralista - Collective Memory".

African Neologism? Cabralista, the birth of a word.

Languages are dynamic, they change over time, just like the cultures they are based upon. In the last few years we have seen a rising of technological terms that become common, just "google" for the definition of google, the name of a search engine is now a word by itself, used to describe the action of searching for something on the internet.

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